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Our Brand Values
  • Bred in the cool, clear mountain spring water of Three Streams farm in Franschhoek, our fingerling trout are then raised in the pure, cold, deep moving waters of the Katse Lake - ideal conditions for raising world class quality trout.
  • Low stocking densities A density of only 1% fish to 99% water allows our happy fish to grow strong, lean and healthy. All our stock is traceable to egg.
  • Our good farming practices are approved and monitored and declared environmentally friendly and sustainable by various Lesotho authorities, including Lesotho Water Commission, Lesotho Highlands Development Authority, National Environment Secretariat and the Ministry of Natural Resources.
  • We raise our trout on a custom feed recipe made from responsibly sourced and sustainable marine fish meal and oil.
  • We are specialists with a long tradition in aquaculture. We work with local communities, providing employment, skills development and local community ownership and involvement in our farms.

Omega Works Omega Works is the innovation and marketing arm of Royale Highlands Trout. We ensure that the end product delivers brand integrity to all our clients.